Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Year in Review

This will probably be our final blog posting since the year is over, and the blog has served its purpose and run its course. We've made a few lists to summarize the year here.

Biggest Money-savings:
Aside from reducing consumption in general, big savings came from Day 8: Buying only used clothing (along with Day 126: Shopping Diet and Day 132: Minimalist Fashion), and Day 2: Free Over-the-Air TV and Day 37: Giving Up Cable.

Biggest Eco-impact:
Day 3: One Car or Two? and Day 33: One Car Family - This has also been a trying experience at times but we're still hanging in there.

Biggest Surprise:
Day 131: Homemade Microwave Popcorn and Day 94: Using a Mason Jar - Homemade popcorn tastes great and a mason jar is super-handy.

Biggest Disaster:
Day 38: Find a used cargo trike - It was too heavy to be practical in our hilly neighborhood.

Most popular postings:
Tony's Pee Week Series (Day 84, Day 83, Day 82)

Things that worked great and we will keep doing:

Day 4: Buy Local Milk
Day 7: Make Bread, Don't Buy It
Day 13: Composting
Day 16: Buying Local Ice Cream
Day 21: Cut Down on Junk Mail
Day 22: Buy Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper
Day 23: Use Cloth Napkins
Day 24: Buy Recycled Paper Towels
Day 30: Stop Wearing Nail Polish - I actually stopped wearing makeup altogether but somehow forgot to post about it.
Day 47: Organic Half-n-Half
Day 48: Do a Spin Class
Day 58: Wash Clothes in Cold Water - I forget sometimes; Tony forgets all of the time.
Day 59: Find a Way to Recycle #5 Plastic - I won't ship it anymore; I found a recycling center for it.
Day 60: Re-Use Glass Jars
Day 65: Not Wasting Food
Day 66: Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap
Day 67: Handkerchiefs instead of tissues
Day 79: Get Kids Involved with Food and Day 80: Pack Better Kid Lunches
Day 86: Eco-Toothpaste and Day 85: Eco-Deodorant
Day 81: Start a Garden, Day 87: Keep Planting Things, and Day 104: Keep a Garden -I wouldn't say this worked "great" but it was inexpensive and fun, and I enjoyed watching my "black thumb" attempts at growing stuff.
Day 35: Eco-Dishwashing detergent and Day 88: Dishwashing Detergent
Day 94: Keep a Mason Jar Handy
Day 95: Pick Up Trash
Day 102: Have a Car-Free Weekend
Day 106: Buy in Bulk
Day 109: Drink Local Beer
Day 14: Reduce Use of Meat and Day 114: Meatless Monday
Day 118: Reduce Consumption
Day 98: Support Local Farmers and Day 128: Farmer's Market
Day 126: Shopping Diet and Day 132: Minimalist Fashion
Day 133: Do Some Yoga
Day 134: Buy Local Eggs - It is harder than it sounds, but so worth it.
Day 139: Rake Leaves - I enjoyed this even if Tony prefers the lawn blower!
Day 143: Skip Black Friday

Things that didn't work out so well or were more trouble than they were worth:

Day 6: Tony's Shampoo Experiment
Day 19: Unsubscribe from all magazines -Rather than banning all magazines, we've settled on two that we like: Runner's World for Megan and New York for Tony.
Day 20: The 3/50 Project - It's a great project but we don't really spend that much each month, so technically we're not truly participating.
Day 27: Tony Running Barefoot
Day 18: Turn off the Freezer and Day 34: Trying to turn off the freezer
Day 36: Buy Carbon Offsets - Annie Leonard came to Elon and basically told me they were a waste.
Day 44: Use Human Power to Get Groceries - I'm lazy, what can I say.
Day 57: Wash my face with water heated in microwave - I just quit wearing makeup, so this isn't an issue.
Day 78: Smile More - Just kidding, I'll keep working on this.
Day 90: Save graywater for plants - This felt too disgusting and not worth it.
Day 92: Homemade beet lipstick - This was too mushy, smells bad, and is not portable.
Using Flattr for tips and Day 1: Using Adsense
Vinegar as Cleaning Agent - It's not that it was all that terrible, but it wasn't all that effective either.
Day 142: Tankless Water Heater &; Day 138: Energy Star Tax Credit
Day 144: Small Business Saturday - It turns out most small businesses don't actually take Amex.

Recipes & Cooking:

Day 10: Homemade Yogurt
Day 15: Homemade Apple Sauce
Day 32: Lentils
Day 43: Homemade Broth
Day 64: Homemade Granola
Whole Wheat Bread
Day 93: Eat Dandelions
Day 110: Sugar Snaps and Shiitakes
Day 111: Loca-Zania
Day 112: Blackberries
Day 113: Sweet Eggplant Zucchini Salad
Day 115: Simple Food
Day 120: Orzo Pasta Salad and Grilled Eggplant with Peanut Sauce
Day 122: Quick Zucchini "Pasta"
Day 123: Fingerling Potato Salad with Capers and Dill
Day 127: Blueberry-Cinnamon Muffins
Day 129: Scuppernong-Peach Salsa
Day 140: Collard Greens
Day 141: Pepper Steak

Things we learned about:

Day 89: How Processed Food is Made Pt 1 and Day 91: Part Two
Offshore Drilling
Day 105: Coal Ash and more coal ash
Day 106: Medical Waste Incineration
Day 107: Home Star Legislation
Day 108: The School Lunch Program
Day 100: Mountaintop Removal and More on Mountaintop Removal Mining
Day 121: Single Use Disposables
Genetically-Modified Foods
Day 137: Mechanically Separated Meat

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