Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 117: Shut retail doors "accidentally" left open

You know the doors I'm talking about... the retail store doors "accidentally" left open on 100-degree days, spewing air conditioning out into the walkway so that you'll want to go into the store and cool off?

Well, it makes me sick to see it, so I just quietly shut the doors when I see them like that. (The Ann Taylor Loft at Alamance Crossing is the biggest offender locally.)

Now 9 stores in New York City have been fined for leaving their doors open during times of peak energy need.

Instead of waiting for the police to show up (don't they have better things to do?) why not just shut the door, or better yet, engage the manager in a little kindhearted banter about why they leave the doors open and waste so much money. Maybe the goods wouldn't need to cost so much if they were better stewards of our money.

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