Sunday, June 20, 2010

More on mining, make that 'moron mining'

And Rand Paul is the moron. We've posted about mountaintop removal many times here on Green v Green.

It is an issue near and dear to my heart because it is intractable and complex and heart-wrenching. On the one hand you have the environmental cost of this incredibly destructive type of mining. On the other hand, we are basically trapped here in NC into using coal mined in this manner. Even as I sit here today typing this message, my laptop is running on power generated from mountaintop removal. Powering down and lightening our load on the grid is a TOP priority here in our house.

So when Rand Paul attempts to "simplify" this issue by brushing it off, saying "I don't think anyone's going to be missing a hill or two" about mountaintop removal mining in KY (where he's running for Senate), I am incensed. Here are before and after pictures of the Rape of Appalachia. Disgusting. This comes days after Paul called it "un-American" to force BP to pay for its damages in the Gulf of Mexico. This guy is an environmental train wreck.

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  1. Millions of citizens speaking softly results in one very loud voice, and if that one voice is directed at the U.S. Congress it can stop mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia. Please contact your Representative and Senators, urge them to cosponsor & support the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 1310), and the Appalachia Restoration Act (S 696).

    They are blowing up our mountains, and there oughta be a law!