Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on Day 105: Coal Ash

I know coal ash is down low on our list of environmental priorities this week, what with the gulf oil disaster (more to come on that later) and, close to home, the upcoming Stericycle smackdown that is about to split wide open....

But I just thought I'd update everyone on my Day 105 posting about the coal ash regulations that are supposed to be coming from the EPA any day now, and for which the EPA is supposed to take our public comments.

I want to let everyone know that our wonderful government's system for taking feedback,, is supposedly ready to accept comments from YOU and YOU and YOU about coal ash under docket # EPA–HQ–RCRA–2010–0640, yet their web site is STILL NOT RETURNING RESULTS. I've confirmed with the Appalachian Voices folks, and they told me that yes, this happens all the time, and yes, the clock is ticking on the 90 days we have to comment regardless of whether the web site is available or not. Tick tock. And yes "your call is important to us, please stay on the line..." What a crock of crap. Here's the government's site where they reveal their plan, and ask us to comment.

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