Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 108: Support better school lunches

Slow Food USA is sponsoring a "Time For Lunch" Campaign where you can contact your US senator to support legislation to ensure better (healthier, more delicious, wholesome) school lunches for kids.

Right now, Congress leaves school lunch programs with only $1 per meal to pay for food. (The rest of the $2.68 goes toward overhead.) This is inadequate and leaves school lunch programs struggling to serve healthy foods. They end up taking "the cheapest choice" instead of "the better choice". Cheap food is often highly processed, unhealthy junk. On top of that, many schools supplement their food budgets by selling junk from vending machines!

On the home page of Slow Food's campaign site "Time For Lunch", they have a really easy "email your senator" form. You fill in your zip code and customize the message, and voila.

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