Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 106: Buy in Bulk

Here's an easy way to save money and cut down on wasteful packaging. Find a store that sells food in bulk and lets you bring your own packaging.

We have several co-ops in nearby counties (soon Company Shops Market will be open in our own county!), but we enjoy stopping at Ellwood Thompson's in Richmond when we go there each month for a kid swap.

They have $0.10 off if you bring your own container, and they take the weight of the container off the item before they weigh it.

Here we have purchased bulk mixed nuts (about a pound), short grain brown rice, liquid laundry detergent, peanut butter (ground in the store!), "neptune's dream" mixed pasta shapes, rolled oats.


  1. Is there a place like this near Winston Salem? I often shop at our Whole Foods where they sell many items in bulk...not sure if they allow containers. Love this idea.

  2. Hi Jane -- I put in "co-op" and "winston-salem, nc" into and here's the link that came up:

    Not sure if you are familiar with any of those, but maybe it's worth a call to find out. I love buying in bulk with my own containers - can't stand all that plastic waste.