Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 102: Have a Car-Free Weekend

Yeah, so you and I both know that it's going to take a lot more than a couple of people giving up their cars to fix our nationwide oil addiction.

But here at Green V. Green, we continue to live the pipe dream. We sold the car back in February, so we've been a one-car family for a few months. Usually this is not very noteworthy. The biggest changes have been in the amount of time I spend in the car doing "errands" (you can interpret that as "shopping"). My credit card bills have gone way down! I also commute by foot to work a lot now, which means that I logged my first "75-miles by foot-transport" month in April.

Anyway, this weekend Tony's got the car up in Maryland for Max's birthday and Claire and I are down here carless. I thought about renting a car, but really, do we need it? We're going to make do without a car for a whole weekend. Will we survive? Will we live to tell the tale? More later...

Update #1: Saturday -- Being car-free does not necessarily equate to being carefree in the suburbs. We had a food crisis as there was a miscommunication about what food was left in the house when Tony left for MD. He seems to think that, like Macguyver, I can construct healthy meals out of dust and sunshine. Claire and I ordered pizza.

Update #2: Sunday -- It's 93 and we're trapped here on this dead-end street with no car and no AC. I sat outside in a chair from 10am until 7pm, reading, watching Claire paint the driveway (watered down craft paint + large rags and paint brushes = magic), and generally lazing around like a lump. It was the only thing we could do.

Update #3: Post-mortem -- We need a pair of walking / running shoes for Claire. Her new sneakers are wholly inadequate for distance walking. And the Town of Elon needs to fix the multi-use path on University Drive - STAT! Grrr.

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