Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 99: Flattr Us!

A few months ago, I saw an interesting video about a social micropayment system called Flattr. I'd describe it myself, but I think their video does a much better job.

I love this concept, a virtual tip jar where you can give pocket change (about $2 per month) to your favorite web sites. The problem is nearly all of the sites are in Swedish! We loved Sweden when we visited there last year, but I can't read a word of it. (Actually, I take that back. While there I learned what "utfart" means.) So, unless a lot of Swedes like laughing at two Americans trying to save the planet, we're going to have to earn our coffee money with AdSense.

1 comment:

  1. Give it time. I've got my site on there as well.

    If they start allowing USD instead of having to convert to Euros, I think it'll pick up. The site's still in beta so the invites are limited. I'm looking forward to it taking off though.

    Keep up the green work!