Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 97: Cut Your Hair, You Dirty Hippie

Well, in true Megan-style I like to be consistent and predictable at all times. No surprises. Nothing out of the mainstream. Nothing unexpected.

So, I'll follow up my introspective, activist Earth Day posting that declared that this blog shall forevermore be devoted to Things That Matter ("We here at GvG should do more for the community and not just these piddly little individual actions!") with a posting of utmost importance: I decided to cut my hair for summer.

Someone alert the media. Who am I kidding, they all read this blog already.

How is this green? Well, it means less shampoo and less water, less drying time and more ease-of-maintenance. Plus I was just starting to feel like one of those peasant-skirt-wearing-hippies. You know, when you're wearing beet lipstick and herbal pit spray, you don't want to take any chances that someone might think you're a hippie. No siree! So clearly it is time for a haircut.



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