Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 96: Earth Day Reflection

On Earth Day (and nearly 100 actions we have posted on this blog!) it seems appropriate to address the overall mission of this project, how we feel about the progress we've made, if we're still enjoying the process, tweaks we should make, etc.

Overall I would characterize the project as a success. We've enjoyed working on this project together as a couple, and we've developed and changed our attitudes about what is possible. Sometimes it is good to do crazy things just to break down barriers in our thinking.

So, I think - but can't yet totally confirm since Tony is not reading this yet - that for the next phase of this blog we'll be working on developing actions to impact the next ring in our "concentric rings" model. For example: We have, thus far, written mostly about household issues and individual- and family-specific changes. We've focused on things like making food, reducing trash, reusing goods, transportation issues for ourselves, reducing our water waste, reducing consumption, etc. Our overall locus of control has been individualized and impact-based. Much of it has centered on reductions and alterations in our personal behavior.

The next ring of the concentric ring model might be to widen our focus to our workplace and perhaps to the slightly wider circle of our neighborhood. Can we continue all the progress we've made on our household agenda while also implementing some changes in our workplace and in our neighborhood? What would those be, and can we do this without annoying everyone or making them think we're weirder than they already do? (I was teased unmercifully the other day at College Coffee for allowing Tony to pee in a jar and pour it on the compost. Believe me, there is no "allowing" about it.)

Some previews:
(1) work on community activism around issues we care about and for which we feel that we can enact change - specific issues are still being determined. I tend to take on too much, so we are going to be judicious.
(2) work on building community around the neighborhood. We have discussed several specific agenda items. Not sure which ones will happen.
(3) take on larger projects here at home, now that we have some of the basics covered. (i.e. we've figured out cooking, but let's nail 4-season gardening; or, we've figured out trash reduction, but let's figure out energy reduction also, and then move on to energy production)

This Earth Day might also be a time to reflect on what's worked so far in our project and what hasn't. Tomorrow I'll summarize what's worked and give updates. The next day I'll summarize what has not worked, and give updates.

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