Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 95: Pick Up Trash Where You Find It

Claire and I went to pick up trash on Saturday on University Drive. It's easy to pick up trash when walking. But it bothers me when I run outdoors and I see trash everywhere, because it's hard to run and pick up trash at the same time. So I make a mental note of where the worst spots are, and I try to go back and pick it up at some point. I noticed University Drive near Lowe's Foods was getting pretty trashy over the winter, and it just kept getting worse. This is my favorite spot to find bluebirds also, so the trash was troubling. Claire and I headed out on Saturday at about 11am.

Picking up trash

We took 2 bags, gloves, and a good attitude. This child loves to pick up trash! It is great to work with her. We spent about 30 minutes and cleaned up the area from Lowe's north to the corner. In just that area, I'd say about 200 yards, we collected 2 bags worth, plus some cardboard. In the picture below you can see the area we cleaned: from the bags back to the stoplight in the distance. That's a lot of trash for such a small area.

Picking up trash

This is Claire's expression when I asked her how she felt about picking up so much trash!

Trash stats: lots of smashed cans, plastic bottles. Most fast food containers were from Taco Bell and Bojangles, neither of which are located on this road. Most common item was plastic wrappers (such as candy wrappers and thin plastic wraps for drinks).

Later when we were at the garden center, one of her substitute teachers came up to us and said "hello" and then asked "were you guys out on University earlier picking up trash?" Claire was so excited to be able to say "yes!" The teacher then explained that she saw us, and then she thanked Claire. It was nice.

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