Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 94: Keep a mason jar handy

No, people. Not for peeing in. Please. What is it with you and your one-track minds?!? Really.

NO, actually, we read in No Impact Man about keeping a mason jar around for EATING and DRINKING out of, you sick perverts. Geez.

And we liked the idea, so first Tony began taking it to the coffee shop, and now I tried it today. It's a nice feeling, heavy but a good size. Regular coffee with cream has a lovely shade, but a mocha looks really pretty with its many layers.

One other benefit is that the wider mouth makes it easy to clean, and because it's glass it doesn't hold a smell like other materials (plastic comes to mind), so it rinses easily. You can use it for water later in the day.

Morning jar of joe

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