Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 92: Homemade lipstick, attempt #1

When cooking with beets this winter, I noticed how much they stain. So of course the first thing I thought was, "can I make a lipstick from this?"

During the experiment, I took pictures. What follows here is my first attempt at making beet lipstick. The basic idea was I wanted to strain the beet juice and use it to color some regular Chapstick.

Step One: cut off the beet stems and a small piece of the beet, and save the rest of the beet and the greens for another use.

Step Two: put the beet pieces in a blender and blend them up. In this picture you can see the beet juice on my finger.

Step Three: put the blended pieces into the mortar and pestle and grind them up more.

Step Four: put the beet paste into a bandana and squeeze the juice into a bowl.

Step Five: take an old tube of Chapstick and put it into the mortar and pestle, then blend the beet juice into the Chapstick.

Here is what it looks like when it's done:

Step Six: try it on your lips.



Verdict: I can't see a thing, colorwise. But it works just like Chapstick! (Psst, I wouldn't call this a success... maybe next time I will try straight beet juice...)

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