Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 87: Keep planting things

This weekend I added thai basil, cinnamon basil, one tomato plant, jalapenos, and summer squash. That last one was actually meant to be zucchini but I grabbed the wrong pot and didn't notice until I got home.

Soon the violas will die and I'll replace them with strawberries I think, or maybe lettuce. Can't decide yet. Then the pansies will die and I'll replace them with more tomatoes or maybe those zucchinis. Who knows. It's very exciting to have things growing. I check on the plants all the time. It's very soothing to weed them and study them.

Oh, and in the backyard we have a crazy amount of lemon balm. It's everywhere. I'm considering it for groundcover along the sides of the yard. We have insane amounts of it.

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