Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 85: Personal care products: Deodorant

Well, how can I possibly top Tony's Pee Week? I considered doing a body fluids trifecta, for example, "Spit, Sweat, and Snot: Personal Eco-Management for the Skittish". But I've decided that despite the Internet's apparent love for Tony (our traffic went through the roof during Pee Week - wait, is that love of pee or love of Tony? Hm... Also, did you notice we now have different ads along the side? The cat urine ads I understand, but Jimmy John's Subs?!? Someone explain this to me!), I can't really see myself being able to top him, what with all the details and the photos and the double entendres.

So let's just leave it a little more, well, Megan-like, shall we?

This week I'm taking advantage of this sweltering spring week (high of 92 today? Are you kidding me? We went from frozen tundra to dog days here...) to experiment with herbal deodorants. So far, I smell like bug spray. I have not heard any outwardly derisive comments in class or out in public. Claire did say she likes me to smell more like baby powder and less like roast chicken. I think she's smelling the sage. It does have a "medieval kitchen" sort of quality to it. I like to think that I don't need the full compliment of 13th century coverups for rotting meat, but hey, you never know. This stuff I'm using currently has sage oil, lavandin oil, and lemon peel oil in an alcohol base. (Wikipedia tells me that lavandin is a hybrid of lavender.)

I do want to notify The Internet At Large that sage is one thing, but if I ever end up smelling like patchouli please host an intervention. Paint my toenails, haul me off of the Grateful Dead tour bus, and douse me with tropical summer breeze antiperspirants, STAT. Because if I ever smell like patchouli, something has gone seriously, definitely wrong.

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