Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 82: Pee in the Shower for Fun and Profit

Megan: Did you know that peeing in the shower saves water and money?
Tony: You are so gross. How much money?

While Megan thinks my Pepsi belches and Claire's incessant flatulence are disgusting, she has always joked that peeing in the shower was perfectly acceptable.

I truly thought she was a bit nutty about this until I saw a very cute public service announcement about peeing in the shower created by the Brazilian government and covered by the US media.

How much money could this save me? Randomly grabbing my December 2009 water bill, our family used 2900 gallons in one month. We pay 0.4 cents per gallon to get it and we pay the city 0.6 cents per gallon to take it back as sewer water. I couldn't believe it was only one penny per gallon! I guess Evian, Dasani, and Aquafina have give me an inflated sense of water's cost.

Let's assume I take one shower a day and need to "drain the main vein" just beforehand. This is true for me and the ~3 people in my house most mornings. Annually, that saves about 1000 household flushes at 3 gallons per flush for my fairly standard old toilet. (I measured this out, just to be sure, using leftover milk jugs from Day 34: The Freezer Experiment.) Thus, while saving water doesn't save that much money, this little exercise does decrease water bill by about 1/12th. Thus, my new water mantra is:


As Megan said yesterday, "One drop doesn't look like much, but a continuous drip will fill up a very big bucket."


  1. Well, I'm all for it! I think I read somewhere that it is better for your personal plumbing also!

  2. ahahahaha! This is GREAT! I want to hear MORE!