Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 76: Get free stuff by the side of the road

On the free theme... Last week our neighbors across the street began their move-out process. From their trash pile, we scavenged: a VCR tape storage rack which I'm turning into a plant stand, a Razor scooter, a plastic tub for the garage, a VCR, and some Playstation games (Tony sold these to a store for $5).

The other day while running through Mill Point, I noticed it was trash day. If I'd only had a car! There was an enormous amount of perfectly good trash out there - storage tubs, garden trellises, computer printer, laundry baskets, even an office chair.

I was tempted to call Tony and have him do a drive-through with me. Unfortunately, it was Friday and I had class.

Now that I know what day is trash day over there though, I'm all about it... Might plan ahead a bit for this. I can get to school "the long way" once a week.

From a pride (Oh! there's another P word; are we ready for a quintuple bottom line?) standpoint, it doesn't feel particularly good to go poking around in people's trash. On the other hand, it does feel nice to save perfectly good things from the landfill. ("One man's trash is another man's treasure.") And obviously this is good for pocket if we find something we needed in someone's trash.

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