Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 75: Give away things I don't need

Driving around yesterday running errands, I said to Tony, "You know what would make me so happy right now? Finding something neat for free by the side of the road." Sometimes it is nice to get an unexpected free thing.

I didn't happen to get anything free yesterday, but today we're starting a giveaway program. You may recognize some of the items from the Haiti yard sale... We'll take photos of the items, and they're free for the taking to readers of this blog or to friends on Facebook or whatever.

First item: some old jewelry.

There are some gold pieces in here, some cheap costume pieces, dozens of earrings, 11 necklaces, 3 watches, pins, some silver, Diamonique (yes QVC!) earrings, opals, some matching sets, pearls, etc. I kept all the sentimental pieces (mostly rings), but I'm done with these pieces and they are just taking up space now. I figure maybe they can bring someone else some joy. Do what you want with them -- take them apart (and make new pieces?), give them to little kids to dress up in, sell them at a gold store, perform science experiments, whatever you want to do.

The whole collection is in a 3" x 3" x 5" rainproof plastic box sitting on my front porch. First one to come get it, gets it. You don't have to knock or tell me you're taking it... just pick it up and go. (Unless you want to, in which case, ring the bell and maybe we're here. It's spring break so no promises...)

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