Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 81: Start a garden

I'm not known for my green thumb, but I'm going to branch out from herbs and houseplants this year and try really hard to do a bit more gardening. I've got friends who are really good at this, with their online planning tools and whatnot. I don't know. I think I'm going to start slowly and dip a toe in this year, and add projects as I see I can handle them. (We're thinking about our quadruple bottom line including "practicality" and "peace"/simplicity in all this.)

So, the garden plan so far is:

1. Continue herb garden outside in front and on side yard. Make a list of all plants and label them. Make little signs. (Tony really wants this.)

I know we have the following herbs still growing from last year:
-lemon balm

I already planted the following this year:

I still need to plant:

2. Use containers to start peas and lettuces (we actually planted these a few weeks ago and they are starting to poke out now).

Growing so far:
-swiss chard
-sugar snap peas
-shelling peas

To come (later):
-more lettuces
-blackberries or some other vine type of plant to grow up the trellis to the left of the house.

3. As my inside plants die or get too unwieldy, I want to replace them with things we can eat. After reading The Urban Homestead, I decided I don't really want to grow anything I can't eat.

Low-stress gardens like this save money and cut down on grocery store purchases. (In the interests of the quadruple bottom line, low-stress gardening also increases time spent outdoors and contributes to a higher quality of life. I'm not sure how sustainable it will be during those hot summer months when I might just want to sit in the AC and gaze outdoors from behind glass. But we'll see.)

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