Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 69: Use up supplies, before buying new

When we moved to the new house, we consolidated two houses worth of cleaning supplies, and then the family that lived here left a very large amount of supplies (out-of-state move - we assume the movers refused to pack chemicals).

Some of the cleaning agents are greenwashed junk, and others are conventional chemical bombs, but we've decided - for pocket reasons - to use up all the cleaning supplies we have before buying new ones.

This includes dish soap (although dishwashing soap we ran out of a while back and covered that on this blog), glass cleaners, floor cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, etc.

Clearly, this is a pocket win. We could rationalize a bit for the planet in terms of not wasting and not buying new things, but I'm not sure the chemical impact in the sewer system outweighs or not?

As for peace/simplicity, and practicality, I'm not sure they're even involved. (See day 68 for info about this new quadruple bottom line.) Boo.

Pocket: 8, Planet: 13, Win-Win: 45

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