Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 67: Reduce tissue use

I've tried switching to handkerchiefs instead of tissues when I'm not sick (it's rare that I get a cold - I got one in February right before I went on that trip to CA). It seems very wasteful to use tissues for every little sniffle, especially when so much of the wood for tissues comes from ancient boreal forests.

So, I've got a stack of handkerchiefs that I've collected, some bandannas, some cotton squares of differing thicknesses. I use them, toss them in the wash, and they come out good as new.

Everyone has their own threshold for germs and stuff. I'm sure the handkerchief did not fall out of favor for no reason. This article on hankie fashion agrees with me. And even though Kimberley-Clark is now trying to make their tissues from sustainable forests, that doesn't take into account the logging, the bleaching, the cutting, the factories, the boxing, the shipping, the sheer consumption on a mass scale -- all for something so trivial -- a square of paper to blow my nose on?!?

so far...

Pocket: 7, Planet: 13, Win-Win: 45

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