Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 65: Not wasting food

Turns out Americans waste an enormous amount of food, 27% actually. About one pound per day for every American is thrown away. And we're not alone:
In England, a recent study revealed that Britons toss away a third of the food they purchase, including more than four million whole apples, 1.2 million sausages and 2.8 million tomatoes. In Sweden, families with small children threw out about a quarter of the food they bought, a recent study there found.

One of the places I sometimes am guilty of being wasteful is in not eating leftovers before they go bad. I love cooking so much that I often want to make a new meal before I've completely finished the previous meals. So we get a lot of leftovers stacked up. A few days of me or Tony "forgetting" to pack a lunch and we've got a major leftover problem on our hands.

Here are some ways we could cut down on our own food waste (such as it is), and I'll try to tackle these as themes in individual posts in the days ahead:
1. Make smaller dinners
2. Eat leftovers right away
3. Pack lunches the night before
4. Be judicious about buying an ingredient to be used in just one recipe; try to re-use immediately
5. Mark leftovers with a pen so I know how old they really are (reduce paranoia about how old something is)

This will be a win-win.

Pocket: 7, Planet: 13, Win-Win: 43

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