Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 63: Weekly Roundup

I'm sitting here, enjoying a cup of homemade yogurt and granola, and I am reminded that I never did do a post on how to make your own granola. I promise I will rectify this soon.

This week's roundup is as follows: coming off the Week of Eating In, we still managed to eat in almost exclusively, except for one night out at Anna Thai where we supported the Company Shops Market owners-only event. Delicious dinner and Tony was a good speaker, even without a microphone!

This week, I talked about using cold water in the laundry while managing hot water for my face. I re-used old envelopes, organized the pantry with glass jars, and found a place to mail back #5 plastic. Finally, I chatted about how to save money by cooking your own beans rather than using canned.

COMING UP: homemade granola, not wasting food, and getting free stuff by the side of the road.

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