Sunday, February 7, 2010

On less-is-more: transportation

One of the fundamental questions I have in this Green v. Green experiment is whether it is possible to have a happy life - a good life - with less "stuff". Less metal, less plastic, less technology, less clothing, and maybe even less variety, less cost, less overhead.

The average American commute is 25 minutes per day, and 2.8 million Americans have commutes of 90 minutes or longer. I was reading about Dave Givens, the winner of the "longest commute" award. He drives 372 miles to work and back each day, about 7 hours in the car. Leaves at 4:30am, gets home at 8:30am.

I can not imagine it. Our commute is 2.4 miles, and we're now doing that with one car. We also have between 0-3 kids in the car, depending on what day it is. Granted, it's North Carolina, and sometimes the weather is not great, so that can be frustrating, but all in all, I wouldn't trade it.

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