Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 54: The Week of Eating In, Friday

Today Tony's going up to DC to see Max and Zoe, Claire is at her dad's, and I begin one of my too-frequent bachelorette weekends. (I'd go with him, but I have work commitments on Friday, so... not this time.)

With respect to The Week of Eating In, this weekend's main challenge will be that Tony is traveling and feeding kids while traveling, a possible recipe for disaster when you're trying NOT to eat out. He's purchased a ton of food to take with him, and the hotel has a kitchenette, so maybe this will work out. I'll get the report from him as he goes.

My challenge should be somewhat easier. Tony will have the car, so I had to arrange transportation for the two rock climbing and running club events I've scheduled for myself. Other than that, I'll be staying at home, so meals should be easy.

I am, however, out of coffee, so I think this might motivate me to get to the grocery store, at the very least...

UPDATE: found coffee. But we are out of cat food...

Pocket: 7, Planet: 12, Win-win: 34

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