Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 50: The Week of Eating In, Monday

Breakfast: Claire and Tony had Cheerios with milk^. Megan has coffee* with half-and-half* and yogurt+^ with granola*+.

Lunch: Claire has a banana* for snack, and a dill pickle, goldfish crackers, applesauce, fruit thingies, and cheese and pepperoni bites for lunch. Not my best effort here, but in my defense it was all home-packaged in reusable containers.

Megan has a hardboiled egg*, apple, orange, whole wheat bagel, and banana* for lunch and snacks.

Tony has an orange, and two leftover black bean enchiladas*+.

* = organic
^ = local
+ = homemade

Dinner: Well, we blew it already. Tony went to an after-work talk with a guest speaker, and the group hosting the talk invited us to the speaker dinner afterwards. So much for the week of Eating In.... unless Simply Thai counts as "eating in" because it was free. Don't think so. Oh well, it was good.

We'll try again tomorrow. No score for today.

so far...
Pocket: 6 7, Planet: 12, Win-win: 30

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  1. Free dinner at Simply Thai is certainly a victory for pocket. I've adjusted the score accordingly. ;)