Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 49: The Week of Eating in, Sunday

Today we started the Week of Eating In, a challenge from Huffington Post after Cathy Erway's new book The Art of Eating In, in which she chronicles two years of "eating in" in New York City.

I'm not really sure this challenge is really quite a challenge for us - one week?!? - but we'll play along. You're supposed to write down all your delicious homemade meals and calculate the cost savings. I've taken some pictures too, as that is also part of the challenge.

Breakfast: Claire and Tony had Cheerios with milk^, I had coffee* with half-n-half* and whole wheat bread+ with butter*.

Lunch: natural peanut butter*, all-fruit jelly, on whole wheat+. Bananas*.

Snack: chips (Claire and Tony), Girl Scout cookie (Megan)

Dinner: wild rice and white bean soup+. I used the broth I made last week, and added some bay leaves*, carrots*, parsnips, celery, turnips*, wild rice*, garlic, tomatoes, cannellini beans and onions*.

* = organic
^ = local
+ = homemade

Here's the proto-soup, the celery and root veggies getting all soft in the olive oil*.

Getting ready for soup

And here's the soup with everything in it, simmering on the stove.


Dessert: We tried a new grocery store today (posting on that to come later) so we bought a bottle of their $2.99 bargain wine and a bar of chocolate. Splurge! (This erases all the planet benefits from the previous postings.)

so far...
Pocket: 6, Planet: 12, Win-win: 30

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