Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 44: Use human power to get groceries

This one might not be an "every time" thing but it can certainly be a "sometimes" thing.

I took the trike to the grocery store today. It was heavy and the "hills" (would be called "pitifully small inclines" on any other vehicle) were difficult. To avoid the hills and to avoid traffic, I took a circuitous route (3.2m), shown below with the elevation profile:

map to the store

Sadly, the elevation profile at the end of the trip is made worse by the fact that the groceries were also in the trike at that point, which increased its weight. (Gallon milk, half-and-half, 5 lb bag of flour, 3 kinds of sugar, bag of apples, etc.)

Downsides: The multi-use path was broken at 3 points, necessitating a dismount, and I had to navigate going up and over 2 sets of curbs (no ramps), 3 very busy streets with no sidewalks, 3 stoplights (2 with curbs), and 30 pounds of cargo. (Still not as heavy as Claire and those Girl Scout cookies though!)

Upsides: Combined workout with errands. Burned no fossil fuels. Enjoyed a sunny cool day.

Pocket: 6, Planet: 10, Win-win: 27

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