Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 42: Be My (Green) Valentine!

Megan: Please don't get me roses or other useless things like that for Valentine's Day.  That stuff is so wasteful!

Tony: That's why I married you! (Mental Note: What the **** am I going to do for Megan for Valentine's Day?)

I'm sure that a lot of men out their today are buying (1) cards, (2) candy, (3) cards, or perhaps (4) small teddy bears dressed as Cupid.  Most of your wives will certainly appreciate these tokens of affection.  A green wife like mine sees these as (1) deforestation , (2) junk food, (3) a deflowering of the Earth, and (4) a product of child labor in China.

What do you get the woman that wants practically nothing?

Well, back on Day 38, Megan got herself an industrial-strength tricycle.  I stopped up at J&L Bicycle Shop to get her $50 worth of safety gear for riding it: a mirror, some lights, a reflective shirt, and a flag.  (Incidentally, this also helped her out for the month since J&L Bicycle Shop is one of her 3/50 Project stores.)

On the downside for pocket and planet, I actually had to buy these things new.  On the upside, I spent money on things that actually have some utility and won't end up in the trash next week.  To make it seem just a bit more "Valentine-y", I used scraps of construction paper I found in Claire's room to make little hearts to decorate them.

Pocket: 6, Planet: 10, Win-win: 25

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