Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 41: Re-use my hotel towel

Seems pretty obvious, but how about I try the simple green act of trying to re-use my towels while traveling? Some hotels have a reminder sign about this, but the nicer ones don't seem to do that whole "leaving notes" thing. The rule seems to be that if you hang your towel up, it will get replaced on the shelf with a new one, but they'll leave the old one too. Same with the toiletries. But if you use a washcloth, they take it. Same with the glassware (see yesterday's posting.) And I'm fine with that!

It's a magical feeling to have your room reset each day when you get back to it. But it does seem wasteful with things like towels. This compromise (take my washcloths, but I'll keep my towel) seems to be working out so far. Doesn't really affect the pocket equation, so I'll put this in the 'planet' column.

Pocket: 6, Planet: 10, Win-Win: 23

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