Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 38: Find a used cargo trike

Sunday we found a used industrial trike on Craigslist. We bought it, stuffed it in the back of the truck, and as soon as we got home we immediately tried out our new tricycle -- we went on a mission to fetch Claire's 52 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from the next neighborhood over. Verdict: great, except, man... those hills are brutal in this thing! Yeah, the "hills" that I wouldn't even notice while running were absolutely terrifying on this trike. The previous owner warned me, but I had figured "how bad could it be?" with only one gear, the infamous "granny gear" on my mountain bike, who needs it?

Reality check!! It was very hard at times, the bike is just so much heavier than my regular bike. We think the trike definitely weighs more than I do, and with a 50-pound kid and a load of cookies in the back, well, let's just say I need to build up my quads a bit.

I wouldn't say this is necessarily a win-win since it did take money to buy the trike. Tony wants to buy a neon safety triangle for the back of it, and we'll probably end up spending a few more dollars to get a few more safety things (lights, etc). But since it was used, that was a plus. I'll put this one in the planet column.

so far....
Pocket: 6, Planet: 9, Win-Win: 21

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