Saturday, January 23, 2010

Days 15-21 Roundup

  • On Day 15 we vowed to make our own homemade applesauce.
  • On Day 16 we tried local ice cream.
  • Megan waxed poetic about the cycle of cynicism and Tony started a virtual fundraiser for Haiti earthquake victims.
  • On Day 17 we had a major smackdown over buying "green" wine, and that little debate didn't finish up how we expected at all.
  • On Day 18 we debated turning off the freezer for good.
  • On Day 19 we started PAPER WEEK (just like Shark Week, but better!) by cancelling all our magazines, or so we thought...
  • On Day 20 we decided to join the 3/50 project for local businesses.
  • And on Day 21 we continued PAPER WEEK by eliminating junk mail.

Yes I know that we skipped a day at the beginning of PAPER WEEK but we're just going to pretend it doesn't matter.

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