Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1: Green Pocket Versus Green Planet

Tony: We are SO broke! We really need to start spending less.

Megan: What about saving the planet? Or, for that matter, being healthy? That's not cheap, mister!

Ok, so we got started on this blog on January 3, 2010 following an ordinary 6-hour car ride. Punchy with New Year's hope and hopped up on caffeine, we covered topics from what it would be like to live in a peak oil-induced apocalyptic hellscape (guess which one of us said "We'll totally kick ass because I know how to make my own granola!" and who said "This is a perfectly reasonable excuse to build that solar-powered camper trailer I've always wanted!") to whether we should buy a used desk on Craigslist or make a desk out of reclaimed lumber from an antique sugar mill and flown north by migrating birds and assembled with nails forged from recycled staples. Out of this conversation, we decided to start a blog about the simultaneous (and perhaps occasionally impossible?) attempt to "green" both our wallets AND our planet.

We first shuddered at the use of green as a verb, and then immediately Tony added insult to injury by saying he wanted to "monetize" (is this a word?) this blog by adding AdSense. I stated that I was not sure how much money we'd make off it anyway, and as I was making my case that the ads would annoy readers, I recognized the absurdity in the notion that we would have either readers or clicking, so I acquiesced.

Score: Tony 1, Megan 0.

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