Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 3: One Car or Two?

Tony: We can get by with one car. Let's sell yours.

Megan: Ha! Says you! You, with your gas-guzzling SUV! Ha! (Pause. Pause.) Well, given all factors, I may agree to a trial separation...

Tony wants to save the money of insurance and gas for a car we hardly use while getting the resale money, whereas I want to reduce the carbon footprint of having two cars when we might only need one. I am hopeful that we'd walk and bike more if we were nudged in that direction. We're both extremely skeptical that we'd be able to manage our hectic meeting schedule and all our commitments with only one car. And it's been cold lately, so that's making transportation alternatives very unappealing.

But it looks like we are in agreement about the car on principle (yay, another Green v. Green win-win), so we are going to try it. Tony's suggestion was that we mothball my Honda Accord for a month, drive it minimally (once a week just to keep it running?), and see how it goes.

We'll score this one as a win-win.

So far...
Pocket: 1, Planet: 0, Win-Win: 2

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