Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 23: PAPER WEEK: Use Cloth Napkins

Megan: Cloth napkins are so pretty, and they're reusable!

Tony: Harumph.

I think ever since I've been cooking for Tony, I've used cloth napkins so this isn't technically a change. I don't iron them, I just try to take them out of the dryer straightaway so they aren't so wrinkled. I have different patterns and different types of cloth. They're fairly small so I figure the cost of laundering them is negligible since they would not make a load of laundry any larger than it already was. (We have kids, so we're doing laundry a lot. Expect several postings on laundry issues at a later date...)

Anyway. A couple of months ago I also started carrying a very large, thick cloth napkin in my purse for when I go out. It's sort of like having a bandanna with me, except the material is nicer so it's softer on my face. I like this instead of paper napkins or public restroom paper towels.

Considering the napkins already exist in our household so their cost is sunk (I didn't have to go BUY new napkins), I am counting this is a win-win.

Pocket: 4, Planet: 5, Win-Win: 14

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