Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 22: PAPER WEEK: Buy Recycled TP

Megan: Yes, we're going to talk about toilet paper on the Internet. I'm sorry to be the one to have to do it, but I have no choice. Just for a moment, think of how ridiculous it is to chop down trees to wipe our butts with. Only in America. Can we please at least buy the recycled stuff?

Tony: Recycled TP has trouble written all over it. It is not only LESS cushy, but it is also MORE expensive. I don't see how you're going to make this a win-win.

At $2.99 for 4 rolls, the recycled TP at our local grocery store is not cheap. It's rarely on sale, so we're pretty much just going to pay $0.75 per roll no matter what. But when you think about it, 75 cents per roll is not that much, is it?

Time magazine ran this story about the impact of home paper goods on virgin forests, and then the New York Times ran a similar story, while the NRDC has this paper products guide for consumers to give brands to buy and to avoid.

Each American uses an average of 23.6 rolls per year. Come on, is it really worth chopping down an ancient Canadian boreal forest just to wipe your butt? I think not. Much of the rest of the world doesn't even use toilet paper, and in the countries that do use it, such as in Europe, the percentage of households which use the recycled kind is much higher than in the US.

So far...
Pocket: 4, Planet: 5, Win-Win: 13

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