Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 21: PAPER WEEK: Cut Down on Junk Mail

Megan: What a waste of trees! Junk mail is so annoying. We've got to do something about all this trash.

Tony: No kidding, I can't see how this can possibly be good for planet or pocket.

Here is the list of steps we followed to get rid of junk mail:

1. Gather all the catalogs in your recycle bin. Go to and sign up, then type in the customer numbers and say you want to be removed. This works well even if the catalogs are sent in your name or the name of a former resident.

2. Go to the DMA and get rid of all credit card offers, all other catalogs, and all other "offers".

3. Discontinue your ValPak coupons here

4. Get removed from those glossy flyers with the pizza coupons

5. Phone books: For this one, you'll have to get the actual phone books you want to discontinue, unless you know the companies that send them to you. I had three different ones to cancel (!) and who even uses the phone book anymore? What a waste.

send email to talkingphonebook:

call AT&T at 1-866-329-7118

use DEX (Embarq) form

Not sure how long this last DEX form will apply. It might re-set after a year, in which case I am annoyed.

There is still a lot to do, but most of it is with telling companies we do business with to stop sending all that paper. (Example, Geico, paper bills, etc.)

Here is another site that walks you through the process, step by step, of cancelling some of this stuff.

We had NO LUCK getting the Times-News to stop sending those newspaper flyers in the mail. First I called and left voicemail. Then I sent email. Then Tony called and asked them to stop, and they still keep sending them. It is so annoying.

so far:

Pocket: 4, Planet: 4, Win-Win: 13

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