Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 19: PAPER WEEK: Unsubscribe from Magazines

Megan: Magazines are a waste of trees and money. Most of the content you can get online the following month anyway, and what you're really paying for in a magazine is advertisements, reviews of products, and product placements. Then they sell your name to other companies who try to sell you more stuff in the mail! It makes no sense.

Tony: But I have these frequent flyer miles and these Coke Rewards points, and they're only redeemable for magazines! They're free, and I'm ordering!

I unsubscribed from all my magazines, which was a lot. I loved to read magazines. But, they really are a waste of trees. I was on Maghound which was a nice service where you subscribe to magazines for a monthly fee and they manage your subscriptions and send them to you, sort of like Netflix. Anyway, I quit that and unsubscribed from all my other magazines a few months ago.

Tony promptly subscribed to Wired and Newsweek by cashing in points from two rewards campaigns. (I freely admit that at the time he put in the Wired subscription, I was in favor of it. My tune changed but it was too late.) Most of the content from both of these is available online, and while the content of Wired is unique, I feel like Newsweek is just another news magazine. Why do I need this on paper?

"Unsubscribing" should be a win-win but I feel like what we've done is only a "pocket win" right now because of these "free" subscriptions. I'm sure our junk mail will increase, and while the magazines are recyclable, let's be honest, they're really a waste of paper. I will take them to our university fitness center so hopefully someone else will get a chance to read them, and hopefully they will be recycled afterward by the staff. Finally, I hope that when these subscriptions run out, we won't renew. That would definitely be a lose-lose.

so far...
Pocket: 4, Planet: 3, Win-Win: 12

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