Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 13: Composting

Tony: How in the world is composting pocket-friendly? I mean, pocket-neutral maybe. We had to spend a little to build the pile, but what do we really save?

Megan: Because look at all the money we save in trashbags? Actually, it probably is pocket-neutral. But it's extremely planet-friendly.

We started the compost pile last summer when Tony built us a nice round container for the back yard. It's your basic slow pile compost. We have a little crock on the countertop and when it gets full we take it out to the pile. We put in yard stuff when we have it, and the kids like to use the paper shredder to put in a bit of paper too.

Here's a picture of the pile:

There's really not much to a compost pile. I put in vegetable matter, coffee grounds and filters, shredded paper, egg shells, leaves, grass, and dead plants of all kinds.

I think the most intimidating thing about building a compost pile is the amount of information available on HOW to do it. You can really over-engineer the thing quite easily if you're not careful, or scare yourself off of doing it entirely.

I'm going to put this as a win-win.

So far...
Pocket: 3, Planet: 2, Win-Win: 8

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  1. Megan forgot to mention that rather than buy the $150 Roto Composter, I spent $15 on 10-ft of wire fence and three plastic stakes. I was worried when we filled it up with leaves and branches on the second day, but after a week, that stuff decomposed and now, almost 6 months later, it still isn't more than about 8 inches deep.