Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 11: Afternoon Caffeine

I must admit that I like Starbucks. I also love Irazu Coffee, a quality local coffee shop that became a chain when they opened a second location in the student center on-campus. Lately, I've been going to there in the afternoon to get a caffeine boost. Unfortunately, $4 per large mocha x 20 afternoons per month = $80. This is more than I was paying for cable or the iPhone. I can't even imagine my world without my iPhone (yet), so it is time to cut back on the coffee.

I had left my Hamilton Beach coffee maker 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center in the astronomy lab for cold nights but have transplanted it to my office. I still have enough Senseo pods to last me awhile and can get more pretty cheaply ($0.60 per serving).

There is also the Pepsi option. While most soda only has one-tenth the caffeine of my Venti Mocha, it is less than $0.50 per can usually.

It won't taste good, I'm going through cans and plastic wrap galore, but maybe it will save me money and still be enough to keep me from dozing off in the aftern...zzz...

Pocket: 3, Planet: 1, Win-Win: 7

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  1. Hmm, so is it the social aspect and conditioning of the drink in the afternoon you need or really a jolt of caffeine? If the former, you might try to replace with tea. One of the best deals on tea (coffee and chocolate, too) can be found after Christmas. There are always Holiday packaged teas and coffees that are the same inside.

    If it's the jolt of caffeine, I recommend chocolate covered espresso beans! :-)